Key Themes

Home to one of the most competitive subscription OTT sports video markets globally, the OTT Summit is returning to Singapore for its second year to dive into the regional future trends.

The agenda will be split across two days covering everything from discussions around strategies and best-practice business models to data-led presentations, successful OTT platforms and the role of technology and social media in driving engagement and consumption. Key themes threaded throughout the conference include:


Innovation and challenges in delivering OTT content


Best practices to monetise your OTT product and how can technology enhance your monetisation strategy

Social Distribution

How do social platforms try to position themselves in relation to the more established broadcast players

Market Growth

What impact has the growth of streaming services had on the Asian market

Data Cultivation

How are rights holders and broadcasters leveraging data to enhance their services


What is needed to ensure the success in the OTT distribution of live sports


The blueprint for sports OTT platforms


Protecting premium live sports from streaming piracy